Why do Personal Training?

In a world flooded with ‘fitness experts’ offering knowledge for free, why would you pay for personal training when there is so much advice out there for free?

My answer is simple; nothing you find online has been tailored to you, which makes it “impersonal training”. So although the internet’s infinite stock programs are an amazing resource, they cannot replicate the depth and intricacy of a personal training session.

Our first session is spent analysing your whole body on a very mechanical level, joint-to-joint, pattern-to-pattern, allowing me to tailor each following session with absolute precision. From here we'll have a blueprint of your entire body, I’ll know what needs mobilising, what needs strengthening, and which patterns need drilling; making each hour spent with me as efficient as possible in pursuit of your progress.

You will receive full programming, and have full access to all Movement Club perks at no additional cost, including the three live classes a week. 

Whether your goal is weight loss, curing back pain, building a strong core and powerful Glute’s, or just to acquire a level of fitness that allows you to play with your children, I can provide a movement education that will get you there.

You just have to turn up and do the work.

"In person" Personal Training.

Each session is 60 min. 

The sessions can be completed at one of the following two locations...

Dragon Athletic. Unit 2 Norbury Road, Cardiff, CF5 3AU. 


My private studio, based in Heath, Cardiff.

Online personal training works exactly like a regular personal training session, its a pre booked 60 min slot with me, working on whatever you/we decide to work on; its just done from a yoga mat in your lounge, a kettlebell and a webcam, rather than in a gym with me.

OPT allows you the freedom to take care of your body, without leaving your own home. We will work with whatever equipment you have, and if you have a yoga mat and a broomstick, you have enough. 

You will have full view of me for the duration of the session, ensuring you still get all the visual demonstrations required to help you through the exercises.

You will receive exactly the same level of programming all my clients receive.

With the exact same amount of live verbal cues and instructions you would receive in a regular "in person" session.

Training is paid for monthly. The below prices are based on a 4 week month.

Existing clients

Ivana Culham

"When I first started to train with Ben I was in a really bad way. Totally burnt out post having babies and in the vicious circle of not having energy. I really struggled with being in gym setting where everyone looked so much more capable then me. Ben was first and only PT who I felt didn’t judge me on anything and was able to bring real light heartedness and persistence to our workouts. What paid off was working consistently twice a week with Ben. Through that time I have continuously got better, more flexible and much stronger. 
What I love about working with Ben is that every session brings something new. Despite knowing huge amount how body works, Ben is constantly improving his own knowledge and brings that to our workouts. Over the last 2.5 years I have learned so much about how my body works, what its capable of (much more then I thought when I started) and how to look after it, the results have been amazing!"

Olivia + Charlotte Cope

"Before training with Ben we never had a regular gym routine and rarely lifted weights. We started with Ben a year ago and now train 3 times a week. Our progress and strength has improved greatly and we are so happy with how our bodies are transforming. 

Not only is Ben improving our strength, he also pays a lot of attention to our mobility and ensures we are focusing on our weaker areas. 

A huge bonus with Ben is that he is such a lovely and funny guy who we have the best time with and he always makes the sessions so enjoyable! His humour also makes for a great extra ab work out!"

Chloe Ditch

"After suffering with back problems for four years, and sick of being prescribed painkillers I decided it was time to try something different. Ben was able to help me train my back with his extensive knowledge of strength and mobility training and maintain his humour and patience throughout every session where I was being difficult (every single session). I haven't suffered with any more issues in years and I couldn't recommend him enough."

Mary Heathcote

"Ben has inspired and encouraged me to focus on rehabilitation exercises both before and after my hip replacement operation.  He has done this through a series of well-planned and developed exercises aimed specifically at my problems which changed over time.  He has an uncanny skill to identify those specific muscles that are causing problems and to immediately address them.  He is innovative and intelligent (don't be misled by his sense of humour) and Consultants and Hospital physios now believe I am months ahead of what they would have expected."

Grant Livingston

"I chose to work with Ben due to his unique skill set. Having played rugby and rowed at a competitive level I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to many disciplines within the training & rehabilitation arena. Ben’s focus on movement and working within my active range has helped me regain strength and flexibility which I thought had evaded me permanently. The only sacrifice I have had to make is tolerating Ben’s “humour” which is as unique and special as his training." 

Lina Nugget

"When I first started my PTs with him, I had had a long break from the gym and going back to exercising felt quite daunting.  But, I remember him saying... “I’m not here to break you, I’m here to build you.”  And that is so true.  He is all about moving you and improving you, the right way.  

I had been to gyms before and had PT's, but I never really got the fitness level or the body changes I desired, and I found the sessions to be a bit repetitive. With Ben, I can tell him exactly what goals I have in mind, and he structures my workouts specifically to help me reach them, plus there’s never a dull moment.  So while I struggle with getting calories done on the airbike, he’ll probably be dancing along to The Spice Girls!"

Mark Stenhoff

"Ben has been my personal trainer for several years now. I worked with other personal trainers in the past, but the quality of PT provided by Ben in every respect surpasses theirs. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about fitness, health and human anatomy, and he eagerly pursues opportunities to learn more and keep abreast of new developments and ideas and share them with clients. He is also an outstanding teacher. His approach is very client-centred and he plans individual strategies according to their needs. He makes sure that the sessions are fun and challenging. He knows just how much to push a client to achieve progression in their training. The positive impact of our work together on my physical and mental wellbeing has been considerable. I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Sue D'Albertanson

"What I have achieved in 4 years?  I’m still swimming twice a week, but now far more physically strong and more flexible than I would be if I was just swimming.  I have the accolade of best female rower(of Ben’s clients!) in my age group!  I usually ache after each session,which must be a good thing!  I have strengthened and lengthened muscles so that I no longer have knee pain - I was convinced it was arthritis (as the rest of my family suffer) but no!  I went through a tough time with my Dad being ill and living a two and a half hour drive away, but mostly kept gym sessions going which certainly helped physically, but also contribute to keep me strong of spirit.  Ben is great company, we do have a giggle (although sometimes through gritted teeth during an uncomfortable stretch!), he is encouraging, knowledgeable, patient and great fun."