This is a full body movement MOT. 

It will assess every single joint in the body, and every single movement pattern you can make; concluding in a written up summary of the results, and a personalised training program based on the findings. 

The assessment is two hours long, and can be conducted either in person (Cardiff) or online via Zoom.

The session will be broken down into five sections...

1. Consultation

Before any movement starts we need to consider any and all external factors that could be influencing your body composition, which means discussing your daily routine. Whether you have a desk job? Do you walk to work? All relevant medical history, previous injuries etc… Nothing invasive, just the required backdrop before we see the image itself. 

2. Joints Assessment

The total body is the sum of all the parts, so we must check the parts. Starting from the head and finishing with the toes, we will go through your entire body, joint by joint, using the FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) CAR’s assessment. This leaves no stone unturned, and your entire bodies mechanics systematically mapped out for us on paper. I suggest trying out the CAR’s sequence yourself pre-assessment, so please check out the CAR's page here.

3. Patterns Assessment

With the previous stage of this assessment in mind, this is where we assess your movement. Your ability to make certain shapes, to organise under load. Can you squat to the floor? Can you hinge? Can you balance on one leg? etc… Looking for imbalances, strengths, weaknesses and postural habits, all of which helps paint a very detailed picture of how you move.

Now we have an exact blueprint of your body mapped out, we explore all the "points of interest".

For example, if we found you have a stiff hip? We explore the hip. A reduced range in shoulder flexion? We explore the shoulder. Lower back pain? We access the Lumbar spine in more detail, and then use all the information we have just gathered to make the most educated guess we can as to what is causing the issue. 

5. Programming

How do we use this information? I'm a trainer, so I'm going to train you.
Based on assessment results, I will construct a personalised training program for you to take away. A workout designed to build you in all the areas you need it, with your end goal in mind.

You will also receive a written up summary of all the findings for your own reference and future development.