These workshops cover the fundamentals of hardstyle kettlebell training.

These are more than just kettlebell workshops, these are kettlebell STRENGTH workshops. Mastering the skill of strength, using a kettlebell. 

Participants will be taught the practice mindset, and made to focus on the quality each rep; taught to pursue precise execution of the movement itself, approaching each rep as an opportunity to learn. 

Each movement will be completely dissected, teaching you how to optimise your body within each pattern, ensuring a maximal expression of strength at all times, whilst keeping you safe from injury. 

This includes advanced breathing techniques. You will learn how to pair your breath to every rep; how to time the breath, and use it to create stability and power when required.

Tailored for any age and any ability, if you are interested in learning how to use a kettlebell, on your journey to become a stronger human, then this workshop is for you.

The skills are divided between two workshops...

Part 1 - The Basics

Designed to initiate the beginner to kettlebell training. All the building blocks anyone would need begin their kettlebell journey.  

2.5 Hours practice, covering the following movements.

The Swing

The Turkish Get Up

The Clean

The Military Press

The Front Squat

Part 2 - Fundamentals

Designed for those familiar with the kettlebell, who are looking to take their practice to the next level. You do not have to have completed Part 1 in order to participate, but you are expected to be comfortable with the movements. 

2 Hours practice, refining the Part 1 skills, whilst introducing the following movements.

The Snatch

Double Bell Work


Master the Swing, the one stop shop for full body power and strength.

Refine the Get Up, the ultimate display of strength.

Learn how to prepare your body correctly for each movement.


If you are interested in attending or hosting one of these workshops, please get in touch. 

And remember...

"The secret to happiness is putting heavy s**t above your head"