Strength + Mobility (Online) classes twice per week, led my Ben, all saved permanently to a private database to be viewed on demand. 

A toolbox of mobility guidance, exercise breakdowns and custom workouts. The ultimate life hack for body maintenance.

The topics will vary per workshop, everything from “Lower Back Care” to “Breathing Techniques”.

Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned strength athlete, a cyclist or a tennis player, a super flexible yoga bunny, or have hips like the tin man; Movement Club will fill the gaps left in your training.


Exploring and strengthening all the corners of your body, expanding your range of motion, removing aches and pains, nourishing your joints and refining your patterns; building a strong movement foundation to live your life however you want.

Movement Club is a maintenance program for the human body.

- Remove life's aches and pains

- Build strong healthy resilient joints

- Perfect for injury prevention + rehabilitation

- Improve your movement efficiency 

- Learn advanced body maintenance techniques 

- Understand your bodies mechanics 

"Based on scientifically proven principles, this 60 min full body workout combines strength, flexibility and movement practice, to expand your range of movement, nourish your joints, and improve the quality of the way you move." 

We spend time at first familiarising ourselves with the available range to play in, developing an awareness of how each individual joint works, and its capacity for movement.

Next we begin opening up new ranges of movement through passive stretching, creating more space within the specific joint than was previously available.

This is then climactically followed by strength and stability work from within those new ranges.

Create the range, build strength and control within the range, keep the range, simple.

The live classes are held twice a week.

Mondays at 10:00am
Thursdays at 7:00pm

If however the times do not work for you, every class is recorded and uploaded to the members video library, where it can be watched on demand. 

Additional perks of Movement Club membership...

This is the toolbox.

An ever expanding armoury of mobility guidance, to solve your mobility problems. Mobility training is a very personal practice, as everyone’s body needs different input; the library allows you to work specifically on what your body needs, whenever you need to work on it. Content varies from mobility drills for specific body parts (e.g. Spine, Shoulders etc...) to movement sequences, workouts, and even sports specific categories. New content will be uploaded every week, and on request.

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Understanding how your body works is key to mobility training. Understanding WHY your back hurts, or WHY your hamstrings are tight is just as important as having the tools to release them. Through the workshops Movement Club will educate its members, arming them with the knowledge to maintain and build their bodies however they see fit. The topics will vary per workshop, and by demand, covering everything from “lower back pain” to “strength training for running”. Workshops will be held online, and booked through the same booking system as the classes.

Members have a choice of three tiers of membership. The product is exactly the same with all tiers, only the level of contact varies. 

Designed for those who are happy to guide their own practice, who understand how to use the tool box, and are happy to do so at their own pace/as they see fit. 

This is perfect for those who already have a regular training routine, who just need some "body maintenance".

This is designed for those new to mobility training, or who need/want some guidance as to how to use their time efficiently. It includes a monthly 60min personal training session with Ben,  to guide your mobility practice.

The first session will consist of a full body mobility assessment.

2  x Live classes per week

Access to recordings of all classes

Members video library

Access to workshops


2  x Live classes per week

Access to recordings of all classes

Members video library

Access to workshops


1 x Personal training session per month

For those interested in full guidance I also offer 1 to 1 training, either in person (Cardiff) or online. This includes...

Regular 1 to 1 training sessions 

Full programming

Full Movement Club membership

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