About the class...

KB Strength is 60 mins of "Hardstyle" Kettlebell Training. The same kettlebell training used by the Russian military for over a century, because it works. 

Each class will start by preparing for the upcoming workout. A short and specific sequence to free up the hips, set the shoulders and prime the midsection, so you are safe and ready for strength training.

This is followed by the skills section. Each class will be different, and an evolution of the previous week. Focusing on the details as we progress through the movements, building your skillset week by week.

Then comes "the practice", where you will have the opportunity to test your skills. Again it will vary week by week, but it will always start with ballistics first (swings/snatches etc...), followed by the slower grinds (pressing/squats/get ups etc...). 

Concluded with a short cool down + stretch. 


As a StrongFirst coach, I believe that "Strength is a skill"; and as such, it can be taught. The habits of the strong can be practiced and mastered by anyone willing to put in the time.

Approach each session as an opportunity to learn, not just to "exercise". Focus your practice and pay attention to the details, like you would if you were attending a Boxing or a Ballet class, the technique is everything. 

Prioritise how you are moving the weight, over how much weight you are moving, and you will get strong very quickly.

The day I stopped training and started practicing, was the biggest leap in movement, and understanding movement, that I ever made. Give it a try, you will not be disappointed. 

Equipment Required

To participate in Kettlebell Strength you will need to own a kettlebell/kettlebells to fit the following requirements... 

A kettlebell you can deadlift/pick up from the floor at least 5 times. 

A kettlebell you can hold above your head for 30 seconds. 

For some one bell may be enough, for most you will require two bells. If you're unsure which bells to purchase and would like my advice, I'm happy to arrange a phone call to talk it through, so please get in touch.

Classes will run parallel with the KB Strength program. 

The program is available for anyone who wishes to practice more than once per week, outside of the sessions, and wants a framework of how to do so. 

The program will evolve as the classes do, each skill learnt in class will be introduced to the program. 

While additional training is not mandatory,  those who train more frequently will improve at a faster rate. Consistency beats intensity every time...