What are they?

The CARs Sequence is the foundation of the FRC (Functional Range Conditioning) mobility system, designed to both access and maintain joint health and longevity.

Simplified, it’s a series of joint circles, systematically working through every joint in the body, taking each joint through the biggest expression of movement possible. 

A tool to maintain your bodies mobility. 

Why do them? 

Simply because if you do not use it, you will lose it. 

The body is smart, and gets good at what you give it. If you do press ups, you get a big strong chest. If you run barefoot, you get strong resilient feet. If you sit in a chair 40 hours a week, you get a rounded back, short hamstrings and tight hips. 

Your body will adapt to whatever you give it, but If you don’t provide regular “reminders” to the brain that you need a specific range of movement, you will lose it. 

Daily CARs provide neural feedback to the brain every day, cementing the demand to maintain each joint’s full range of movement. 

It also helps develop a deep understanding of how you move, enhancing body control whilst teaching you to look at your body very mechanically, understanding all the parts. 

CARs also provide nutrients to the joints themselves, movement keeps the joints healthy, promoting both articular function and longevity. 

How is it done?

Think of it like brushing your teeth, the magic does not come with just one attempt, but the practice of brushing everyday maintains the health of the teeth. CARs work the same way, with daily feedback to your joints, maintaining cognitive control and articular health through regular 

This is a game of joint independence. 

See how much range you have in each joint, without allowing any coupling/helping from another. For example, when doing a neck CAR, ensure your shoulders do not creep up into aid the movement, although this will help achieve a bigger circle in the moment, we are going for HONEST CARs here. 

Points to remember

- This is a game of body control. 

- Maintain light “irradiation” (tension) throughout the body for the duration of the sequence. Rest in-between joints if needed.

- Explore full range of movement through each joint, and attempt to expand the range on every rep. “Biggest circle wins”.

- Avoid compensations from other joints. “Biggest HONEST circle wins”.

- Any pain, STOP, it’s not for you right now, make a note of it and contact a healthcare professional. 

Master the CARs = Master your body

If you enjoyed this sequence and are keen to learn more, then please contact me. This is a deliciously deep rabbit hole...