Every Monday at Crossfit 2012.

"This class will improve your active end range, and you're stability within it".

Who is the class for?

Mobility training is perfect for anyone looking to improve their body on a very mechanical level, it will teach you first how to identify your own individual limitations, and from there how to progressively expand within them.

What to expect...

We spend time at first familiarising ourselves with the available range to play in, developing an awareness of how each individual joint works, and its capacity for movement.

Next we begin opening up new ranges of movement through passive stretching, creating more space within the specific joint than was previously available.

This is then climactically followed by strength and stability work from within those new ranges. Create the range, build strength and stability within the range, keep the range, simple. 



Megan Davies

"This class speeds up my recovery, and I have seen a marked improvement in my overall form when doing Crossfit as a result of expanding my end ranges."

Steve "Hips Like Butter" Adams

"I now see this as an integral part of my fitness routine, something just as important as cardio or strength training."


More questions?

Mobility WOD was recently reviewed by Fiona Adams of Sheengate publishing. We sat down after and had a Q'n'A about the class and the role of Mobility training within a training routine. So hopefully any questions you may have about the class will have been answered there. 

For the full article please click here.