"Just one hour of your time"

Online personal training works exactly like a regular personal training session, its a pre booked 60 min slot with me, working on whatever you/we decide to work on; its just done from a yoga mat in your lounge + a webcam, rather than in a gym with me.

Whether your goal is weight loss, shoulder rehab, core strength, improving your mobility, or just looking to invest some time in yourself; OPT allows you the freedom to take care of your body, without leaving your own home.

All you will need...

- One hour

- Computer + Wifi

- Yoga Mat

You will have full view of me for the duration of the session, ensuring you still get all the visual demonstrations required to help you through the exercises.

You will receive exactly the same level of programming all my clients receive.

With the exact same amount of live verbal cues and instructions you would receive in a regular session.

Online Personal Training is perfect for...

- Those who cannot get to me in person (Not in London or Cardiff)

- Parents with small humans, as It saves on childcare costs

- People who don’t enjoy the gym environment (its not for everyone)

- Those short on time, all you need is one hour

- People who travel a lot with work and struggle to commit to a training regime


One months training only £120.

(4 x 1 hour sessions + programming) 

Regular Price

£45 per session. 


Then drop me an email and we can arrange a time to talk it all through, and answer any questions you may have.

Or if you'd prefer, give me a call on 07984 39 30 37.