It's not great, but it could be worse. 

Theres nothing we can do but ride it out, and look after each other. My way to contribute is to keep you all moving with my first ever online classes. Could be a train wreck, let's find out. 

Monday 30th at 10am

Thursday 2nd at 6pm


60 min class, Mobility + Movement is a full body workout, that promotes natural human movement. 

Broken into three main sections, we will work on the SPINE, the SHOULDERS, and the HIPS, with a combination of strength and mobility drills, whilst working on basic human patterns we were all born to do.  

Removing tension, building strength, and enduring my awful sense of humour.

Any age, any ability, if you're game, you're in! 

What you will need...

Email Address

Make sure you have texted/emailed/DM'd me your email address prior to the event. 
So I can invite you to the event. (Not spam you with selfies)


None really. This will be an entirely bodyweight class, no toys. A yoga mat would be ideal, but a pillow (to protect the knees) will do the job just as well. 


Because well, obviously...


Then send me your email and I can send you the link. 

Look after your fellow humans. See you soon!