Lauretta Cundy - Life Coach

Im lucky enough to work closely with some very like minded people, who have the same passion for health and wellbeing as I do. 

I can always offer guidance towards a healthy mindset, but If I ever suspect a client needs more help than I can provide, I call in my south African angel. 

Mad About My Life -

"Lifestyle makeovers for a new you - Helping you love the life you live!

Done through the focus of thinking/mindset practices, movement and eating practices. Drawn from integrative methodologies, to help you create a positive, healthy and sustainable lifestyle. 

Your personal, committed, lifestyle makeover coach, to help embody and master the lifestyle you are mad about."

Crossfit 2012

My home since spring of 2018, the team here are fantastic, and I couldn't recommend them highly enough. With a wide variety of skillsets from physiotherapy to powerlifting, its a great environment for me to grow, and if anyone is interested In trying out a Crossfit class don't hesitate to ask!