What is Mobility training?

Mobility training is maintenance for the human body; it expands your active range of movement, while building control and stability within the range you have.

It’s done through a combination of strength training, flexibility work and movement practice, and helps develop a deep understanding of how you move.

Why train your Mobility?

· Removes aches and painsAlleviate daily tensions, live without pain.

· Injury preventionBulletproof your body to reduce risk of injury.

· Injury recoveryRebuild and restore damaged joints back to health.

· Joint healthPromotes longevity through regular joint nourishment.

· Movement efficiencyRefine your patterns, and improve your movement quality.

· Improves PosturePromotes a balanced physique.

· Creates a strong mind body connection - Understand your body, and learn how to listen to it.

How is it done?

Mobility training is essentially strength training, except the primary goal is to increase the available range + quality of movement, rather than just solely to increase strength.

First we identify a joint with an insufficient movement capacity. E.g. Stiff Hip.

Then we open up new ranges of movement through passive stretching, creating more range within that specific joint than was previously available.

From here we then provide the correct stimulus to that joint to promote change, we load it. Loading the tissue through strength training builds stability and control in the new range.

"Create the range, build strength and stability within the range, keep the range. Simple."


You'd check your car in for an MOT, why not your body? If you're interested in a full body mobility scan, then book in for a Functional Range Assessment.


· A systematic assessment of all the joints in your body. Quantifying each joints available range, and its capacity to load.

· Full summary email write up, including homework exercises and suggested strategies for progression.

Price – Currently UNAVAILABLE due to Covid. 

Please click here for Online Mobility Assessments.